Coyote Moon Free Slots – Awaken your inner coyote

Coyote Moon Free Slots – Awaken your inner coyote

The Coyote Moon slot is the new game from developer IGT. With over 40 paylines and 5 reels, this slot has plenty to keep you on your toes. Its theme includes several desert animals, including lizards, birds, gazelles, and of course the famous coyote. Also, there are a series of cow skeleton heads, as the most important winning line. However, its graphics are a bit dated, especially for such a recent game.

Is it one of the slot games we recommend? That’s what we suggest you find out here!

What are the specificities of the Coyote Moon slot machine?

Like the vast majority of slots of this type, such as zorro mighty cash, playing Coyote Moon gives maximum payout with paylines on all 5 reels. Likewise, the game includes the classic card game graphics, with:

  • The Ten.
  • The Jack.
  • The Damme.
  • King.
  • Ace.

The graphics of games like Coyote Moon are relatively outdated, and they do not include modern visual effects.

Coyote Moon slot machine relies on the Wild feature:

Coyote Moon online game

Many slot machines include the wild feature to attract players. IGT understands its appeal and has not forgotten to include it in its Coyote Moon slot game, as well as in most of its recent games.

On IGT’s official website, the developer states: “We have had excellent results with Coyote Moon’s Wilds bonus, which can occur on all five reels of the game. This system has increased the odds of success by 50 times, and we’re quite happy with that.”

As with many other slots, the Wild feature casino bonuses are available on free spins!

5 Wild Free Spins Bonus with the game Coyote Moon:

With this game, it is only possible to access real bonuses with this slot machine by getting three symbols of the red bonuses, on the following reels:

  • 2;
  • 3;
  • 4.

Even though the game only offers one bonus, this is still a great feature as it is much more accessible than most other slot games, try it out at mrxbet casino. The latter usually require a succession of five identical symbols to get the same bonus.

From a purely statistical point of view, playing the Coyote Moon slot offers better odds of profit than any other. 

Theoretically, with bonuses, the slot machine can allow you to win up to 100 x the player’s bet. However, in normal circumstances, most winners only come home with 10x the amount. Indeed, this is a far cry from the high rates of other slot machines, but the main attraction of playing this one is the frequency of the winnings.

As with many slots, Coyote Moon is a free game that you can play for fun using a demo account!

Is Coyote Moon a good slot to play?

Coyote Moon review

There is no doubt that the visual aspect of the Coyote Moon game counts as a negative, especially when compared to all modern machines. 

For example, we can mention the fact that it is one of the cheaper ones, as it will allow you to launch spins at only 0.40, while the norm is 0.50. Also, the game’s 40 lines of winning symbols make it more interesting for those who like to play with better odds.

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