Casino Bonuses

Dozens of bonuses are available at the best online casinos. This is how 22Bet and other online platforms promote their services among users. Types of Bonuses First, bonuses are differentiated by the type of accrual: Non-deposit – players are awarded for performing certain actions on the site and do not need to replenish the account to get it. On deposit – is extra money as a gift to deposit a certain amount of money. According to the type of incentives bonuses can be presented as: Money – a certain amount of bonus money or extra interest on the deposit, this type of bonus is expressed in monetary terms. Free spins – free spins in a fixed or progressive amount, which are provided to players in one or more popular slots. Free bets – the most common type of bonuses for live casinos, is a free bet or a certain amount…

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eSports betting tips

Let’s be clear: if you are interested in eSports, the following tips may not help you, as they seem to make sense.  Bankroll management in eSports betting As we explain at length in our article on the top 10 ways to maximise your sports betting winnings, the foundation of any successful medium/long term sports bettor will always be strict management of their sports betting finances. You should never bet more than 4 or 5% of your gaming bankroll on eSports, and this figure should be even lower (2%) if you are a beginner bettor in eSports, which is the case for most players .  Let’s take a concrete example, the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments held before the Covid-19 crisis. The eventual winners (Astralis, for $500,000 in prize money!) were rated at 4 to 1 before the tournament started, as the eventual winners of the…

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eSports betting

More than ever, there are a range of legal sports betting bonuses and offers available  if you want to maximise your chances of winning. In the context of eSports betting, we particularly recommend the following promotions:  Sports betting site welcome bonuses, otherwise known as first bet refunded if you lose. It’s quite simple, all sports betting sites offer players a first bet refund (from 50 to 150 dollars!) to players who have not yet had an account on their site. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this when betting on eSports or any other sporting discipline.  Boosted odds: even if boosted odds (odds improvements) might not be as common with eSports as with more popular sporting events (football, NBA, etc.), there is no doubt that many bookmakers will offer boosts on the biggest eSports matches, or the teams they sponsor. (Winamax has sponsored several teams/players since…

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