A Basic Guide for Baccarat Players

A Basic Guide for Baccarat Players

Baccarat is one of the legendary card games! It’s an aristocratic game that’s perfect for a casual pastime at Casino Chan.

The Origins of Baccarat

Baccarat has a rich history. And this history is even longer than that of roulette. If the latter was invented only in the 18th century, the card game, which became the prototype of baccarat, was in the 15th.

Originally, the rules of baccarat prototype implied the use of tarot cards. It, in turn, came from a ritual for the worship of the gods. According to it, girls threw nine-sided dice to determine their fate – from becoming a priestess to drowning in the sea.

But the principles of the game were established by Felix Falguere of Italy. But France also lays claim to the authorship of this entertainment.

In any case, the principles of practical jokes have survived to this day.

In France, a baccarat history began in the 1490s, and it was the exclusive prerogative of the nobility. But baccarat for a long time remained the prerogative of the aristocracy, and it was played at high stakes. Social equality in the game of baccarat was achieved only with the advent of online casinos. After all, even in the era of land-based establishments, when aristocratic values weakened, visitors to gambling houses tried to flaunt high stakes in front of each other.

On the Internet, the norms of baccarat have been greatly simplified. Players can choose the order of the bets at their discretion, and casinos provide as wide a range as possible to suit any preference.

Original Rules

The norms that offer the classic rules of the game of baccarat apply the same principle of scoring as the modern ones. Namely – tens and pictures are not worth any points, an ace is valued at 1, and other cards – depending on their face value. A two-digit number of points is subject to recalculation with the deduction of a ten. Two cards must be used to assemble a combination as close as possible to the 9-point score.

Initially, the rules allowed you to take a third card at your discretion. Today baccarat is played against the dealer, and the rules set the conditions for catch-up.

Modern Version of Baccarat

Baccarat Rules

So, the rules of the game imply that the player plays against the dealer. Other users can play at the table at the same time. And also against the dealer.

Before playing baccarat, the dealer shuffles the deck and the player bets – on himself, the casino, or a draw. The dealer deals two cards for himself and his opponent. They are revealed immediately, as there is no point in keeping the intrigue. Then the number of points in each of the hands is evaluated. The rules of modern baccarat count absolute victory to the one who has 9 points. If no one has 9 points, the winner is the owner of the hand of 8 points. If no one has 8 or 9 points, the third card rule comes into effect. The third card must go to the player with 0 to 5 points and to the dealer with 0 to 4. If the dealer has 5 points, the rebound depends on the player’s cards.

A correct bet on the winner determines victory. The highest-paid bet is on a draw, but they are also the most unlikely.

Baccarat Strategies and Miscalculations

Betting on yourself is more profitable than betting on the dealer. But one side cannot always win, so the bets are supposed to vary. Martingale strategy, better known among roulette players, is quite a lie on this principle. You can bet on yourself, and in case of loss to place the next bet twice as high to outbid the previous loss. In the case of luck, just change the side on which you bet.

There is another popular strategy – all the time to bet on a draw. This bet is more unlikely, but it can still fall out. And perhaps, to pay off previous unsuccessful attempts. 

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